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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  July 18, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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the evidence shows that jason scott with a spree of terror in prince georges county. >> convicted. a suspected serial killer will never return to area streets. his crime spree so violent and widespread an entire county is breathing easier tonight. good evening, everyone. yim has the night off tonight. jason scott found guilty in federal court in greenbelt today. the conviction means that one of the most dangerous criminals the washington area has ever seen will be locked up for life. the u.s. attorney's office linked jason scott with more than 50 burglaries, 9 armed home invasions, armed carjacking and the production of child pornography and still awaits trial on the murders of a mother and daughter in prince georges county. melissa? >> reporter: well, good evening. prosecutors call him dangerous, methodical. a career criminal who's, yes,
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facing double murder charges in the murder of a mother and her daughter. at this point he's not stood trial on the charges but will spend the rest of his life behind bars. this is the happiest day rose smith has had in two years. >> oh, i think it's delicious. >> reporter: in march of 2009, her daughter and granddaughter were murdered. jason scott charged with killing them. leaving them in the trunk of a car, found guilty in federal court monday on burglary, firearms and child pornography charges, sentenced to a minimum of 97 years. though the murder trial won't start until fall, for smith knowing he'll never get out of jail is enough. >> i always say, can't nobody do nothing like god. and the lord worked this thing out. >> reporter: the cousin celebrating monday with a round of phone calls and texts. >> call some of the friends and your friends. >> reporter: in the three-week trial, federal prosecutors
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showed jurors this map with all the areas where scott admitted to more than 50 burglaries and 9 home invasions. they say he was increasingly violent, selecting the victims online and through a database at the landover u.p.s. facility where he worked. >> thinking of the criminals prosecuted in the recent years he seems to be one of the most violent. >> reporter: he cut the phone lines, use a scanner to monitor police and clean crime scenes. william jones lived here for more than 30 years. he says scott broke into several houses here, terrorizing the neighborhood. >> he got what he deserved. you know? >> reporter: though not charged, investigators think scott may be linked to three other murders including the january 2009 killing of another mother and daughter pair, karen and charissa lofton. smith relieved scott will be in jail the rest of his life no matter the outcome of any other trials. >> even though we can't bring your kids back, but at least
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we'll know justice is served. >> reporter: rose and the family are planning to hold a candle light vigil tomorrow night on tuesday night. they say it's a conviction celebration. live in greenbelt, news 4. back to you. >> okay. thank you. a murder suspect who managed to trick corrections officers and simply walk out of d.c. superior court is held without bond. james brewer appeared before a judge for the second time in four days. he escaped on friday after court documents show he swapped bracelets with another man. brewer turned himself in saturday afternoon in the middle of a massive manhunt led my u.s. marshals. he is accused of shooting a vietnam war veteran last month. it's an ending that borders tried to rewrite but tonight the company is headed for liquidation. nearly 400 borders stores will close in more than 10,000
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employees will be out of work. that includes all of the workers at 25 borders stores in our area. john joins us from bailey's crossroads with that. john? >> reporter: good evening. many shoppers tonight were surprised by the announcement that came around 4:00 this afternoon. part of the reason they're going out of business is because of new technology. not only buy books online but read them on a kindle or this ipad. all tough do is download the book, click on it here in the library and then start flipping through the pages. many shoppers say this electronic version is nothing like reading a good old-fashioned book. >> pretty upset. they've always been really good with deals. >> reporter: when rebecca heard the news that borders is closing for good, she rushed over to the store in bailey's crossroads for last-minute deals. she says for book lovers, this is more than just a store. >> for me, it means i can wander in and pick something out.
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shopping online, you don't know what you want and if you don't know what you want it's hard to find. >> reporter: borders is hoping someone to come along and buy the 40-year-old business but without a single offer monday, borders announced to proceed and be in liquidating the remaining 399 stores firing nearly 11,000 employees across the country. borders group president said, quote, we were all working hard towards a different outcome but the head winds we were facing have brought us to where we are now. end quote. >> here's one, $5.99. normally $26.99, yeah. that's a pretty good deal. >> reporter: it's a decision that doesn't sit well with terry daily. >> i have a shelf of books that i have read and i probably won't read again but i don't want to let them go. there's something about it, right? it's not the same having 100 books in the kindle.
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>> reporter: vito santos wonders when's going to happen next. >> since they're going to disappear, you know, and then what will happen? we will have less and less competition and that's tno good for me and consumers. >> reporter: borders says it will begin liquidating the stores as soon as this friday with all the stores closed down by the end of the september. live tonight here in bailey's cro cro crossroads, back to you. >> thank you, john. extreme heat wave is spreading misery of minnesota to texas. there was plenty of sun and sweat across the mid section of the country today. 17 states issued heat watches, warnings or advisories. the heat index soared to 126. doctors say with that kind of heat it's imperative to stay cool and stay hydrated. >> don't get something done about their body heat, it will
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progress to the point where their blood pressure is so low that they pass out. >> one woman died in the heat today after she strayed too far from her nursing home in louisiana. and that oppressive heat is headed right for us but we might have to deal with strong storms first. doug's in the weather center with more on that. doug? >> i think we are going to see some pretty strong storms in the day tomorrow. at least some of us will. it is going to be the heat to be the big culprit over the next couple of days and something to prepare for. out there right now, current temperature of 84 degrees. dew point of 71. so that heat index even at 11:00 is near 90. it is extremely warm out there and going to stay warm over the next couple of days. 78 down south. look at the thunderstorms down across the area. we'll see mostly dry conditions tonight and i x effect to see some strong storms tomorrow. that's coming up. thank you, doug. a u.s. congressman is recovering from a broken rib
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after a home invasion. leonard roswell was with his family when a masked man ran into the farmhouse, pulled a gun on his daughter and tried to rob her. boss well is 77 years old, a  vietnam war veteran. he says he tried to disarm the gunman. boswell was injured when they fell down the stairs. the man ran away when boswell's 22-year-old grandson pulled out a shotgun. police are still looking for him. the u.s. women's soccer team arrived in new york this evening. the team was greeted by hundreds of fans in times square after captivating the nation with the run to the world cup final. japan beat the u.s. in penalty kicks yesterday. tomorrow morning the u.s. women will appear on the "today" show. still ahead tonight, the government promises to investigate after a stage collapses in the middle of a music festival. a police chase doesn't end until the suspect runs into a
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local shopping mall. and one veterinarian does the patriotic thing and saves a bald
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canada's ministry of labor will investigate how a stage at a music festival collapsed over
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the weekend. it happened last night as the band cheap trick was performing. officials at the ottawa blues fest said the stage was inspected daily. severe weather warning was issued just before high winds and rain toppled the stage. more than a dozen people were injured but none of them seriously. an attempted drug bust led to a high-speed chase on the ball parkway. they chased a man all the way into a mall. police say the suspect drove at 100 miles per hour and rammed a police cruiser right off the parkway. he also struck several other vehicles before stopping and running into the mall. officers arrested him inside a clothing store. still to come tonight, a phone hacking scandal spills into scotland yard. the aclu gets involved a dispute between dan schneider and a washington newspaper. plus, a reunion between a
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fallout of a phone hacking scandal continues to spread in the united kingdom tonight. scotland yard is looking for new leadership and even the prime minister's on the defense. david cameron cut short an overseas trip and will address parliament on wednesday. meanwhile, the man who first blew the whistle on the news of the world was found dead today. his death, however, not considered suspicious. stephanie gosk reports. >> reporter: london's police, the fabled scotland yard is reeling after two sudden resignations of the most senior leadership. sir paul stooenson and his deputy john yates, career policemen, the most recent resignations. maintaining at times close
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relationships with the very people they were supposed to be investigating. police officers accepting bribes from reporters has allegedly been common place. stevenson and yates both deny any wrongdoing on their part. what started as a scandal involving a single newspaper has now grown so large it's rocking this country's institutions and the murdoch empire. so far, there's four high-profile resignations, ten arrests, most recently rebecca brooks, one of murdoch's most trusted assistants. brooks who denies any wrongdoing has been a media power broker in the country for a decade. >> somebody of huge charm, a lot of -- very political. she was very good at getting alongside people. >> reporter: including david cameron, details of his visits with media heads released by the office over the weekend. since he was elected, cameron met with brooks and other
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editors. criticism for ties to another former editor of "news of the world" who once served as his communications chief. coalson was also arrested last week. stephanie gosk, nbc news, london. doug is here now with more on the hot weather that's only going to get worse, huh? >> yeah. i think we are going to get to the 100-degree mark and the index around 105, maybe 110 and two to three days and could be a substantial heat wave coming up and make sure you're prepared to deal with the heat later on this week. outside, still on the warm side. not as hot as earlier. temperatures still up into the 90s in the day today. and if you thought today was hot, just wait. we are going to see some big-time heat move in later on this week. temperatures out there today up to 93 as i mentioned. average high is 89 degrees and like i said, just wait. the real heat is coming. right now, 84 degrees with a dew point of 71. the heat index close to 90
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degrees even after the 11:00 hour. temperatures are going to start to go down over the next couple of hours but not a lot. 81 in gaitersburg. 81 in fredericksburg. i expect the numbers to fall into the low to mid-70s. not fall below 80s and a tough time later this weekend. now, doppler radar not showing anything around our area but storms back toward the west because of the a frontal boundary today. closest in west virginia and i think tomorrow we will see a better chance of those storms as that front lingers on across the area. not going to move fast. it is a fairly slow mover tomorrow. very hot and humid weather ahead of it. the thunderstorms moving through parts of the afternoon. not everybody's going to see storms tomorrow but it would be a good idea to bring the umbrella with you as any areas with the storms could cee lo cally heavy rain and maybe severe weather and the same said
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on wednesday. less of a chance on wednesday but still with that front kind of hung across the area, i do think we are going to see some storminess across the region. as far as the temperatures go, tomorrow and wednesday, not all that bad. it's going to be later on in the week. here's why. very intense heat in the central portion of the country. that starts to move to the east tomorrow and by thursday, friday and saturday, it is here. not just hot but extremely humid conditions with the dew points into the mid-70s. that heat index over 100 degrees for at least three, maybe four days. tomorrow morning, partly cloudy. warm and humid. but not too bad. 70 to 75 degrees. winds on the light side. tomorrow afternoon, i think we are going to see that good chance of thunderstorms. hot and humid with a high temperature 90 to 94 degrees. heat index tomorrow in the upper 90s. not too bad tomorrow. typical july day and then the heat moves in. 94 wednesday. 99 on thursday. and now going for a high of 101 on friday. and that's going to linger i
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think into the weekend. temperatures about 100 degrees potentially on saturday. still in the upper 90s on sunday. so not only do we have a heat wave coming but we have one that's substantial. >> and sustained. >> get ready. >> thank you. next in sports, the next i[ man ] i got this new citi thankyou card
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so the nats in houston, huh? >> in houston and good news today about our prospect, our big ace, our phenom. steven straussburg is making significant progress. the soon to be 23-year-old recovering from surgery threw a
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simulated game today in florida. the gm said on the radio that he was on track and remains optimistic about him pitching in september. that's great news. tonight in houston, nats starting a three-game against the astros. playing frisbee pregame. that gets you loose. nice. bottom second, no score. gets jason michaels swinging. struck out nine in eight innings. solid. we move to the fourth. no score. danny espinoza up. this is called good defense. sanchez diving stop. flips to second. one on to first for the double play. and that's nice. and fan here says i'll take that. throwbacks. top five. michael morris at the plate. beast mode. i don't know where the ball's at. it's just out and gone to left. it is somewhere in the picture. we don't see it. a home run. his 16th. nats take a 1-0 lead.
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top nine. tied at 2 here. runner on second for zimmerman and he comes up clutch. singles to right. beat the astros 5-2. all right in baltimore, the manager of the red sox in town late off the heels of a 16-inning game last night. up with two outs. rips one to left. that scores matt wieters and lee. maybe you thought the red sox tired tonight. they weren't. top eight. tied at 7. crazy delivery and pedroia sends it deep to right off the base of the wall and scores two. the red sox beat up the o's in a slugfest, 16-10 the final. day 125 of the nfl lockout and all signs pointing to a deal
11:25 pm
this week. the league sent a memo to 32 teams tonight instructing the key executives to attend the key meeting in atlanta for a collective bargaining agreement. representatives of the each 32 teams will meet on wednesday here in washington. and tonight in d.c. defensive back lee bodden hosted a charity bowling tournament. george wilson talked about how important it is to get a deal done now. >> definitely feels good to make progress to try to get something done so that the start of training camp isn't affected and we can ultimately try to recover from the damage done to the game of football because ultimately with us not in the offseason program and meet with the coaches and have mini camps and otas, we have a lot of work to do in a short amount of time. >> and if the owners ratify a deal on thursday, players can begin arrive at team facilities
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on friday. tennis now. castles at home tonight against sacramento trying to run the record to 11-0. that kind of record is a tall order to fill. yes, it would be. but they get it done in style. men's singles here. serving to washington's bobby reynolds. watch the return. hello! felt a draft there through the legs. castle moved the record to 11-0. wow. that's all i can say. they're the winningest team right now in d.c. that's solid. the season is over this weekend. hopefully they win a championship, bring back a championship to d.c. >> we need one. still to come, the story of a global -- or the incredible resuscitation of
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against a local newspaper. officials with the aclu filed a brief arguing that schneider must quickly prove his case against the washington city paper. he claims the paper defamed him in an article published last november and seeking a million dollars. the aclu is not a party in the case but it feels schneider's lawsuit is abusive and frivolous and should be dismissed. a mother and son who reunited after more than three decades apart discovered they had a lot more in common than they might have imagined. damon davis was adopted as an infant through a social worker he contacted his birth mother, anne sullivan, also a federal employee. they were working a few blocks from each other. anne was a graduate student when she decided to give damon up for adoption and she said she talked
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to her unborn baby a lot. >> some of the things that i said to him he actually wrote to me in the letter he wrote to introduce himself to me and it was amazing. >> verizon claims its 4g lte is twice as fast as at&t. we're putting them to the test against the speed of a rescue unit. go ! they're downloading a music album. the first network to finish gets rescued. does your phone know that we're racing ?
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a veterinarian took an unusual step to save a bald eagle. the life saving mouth to break resuscitation caught on tape in oregon last week. patriot is the eagle's name. it was hit by a car and fractured a wing. last week it had anesthesia and stopped breathing. the bird


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